Quality Control

Pulwell has own laboratory with universal testing machines and other testing machines, which is used to conduct  tests on materials’ and products’ properties as well as other tests for production quality control.

The following tests can be conducted according to ASTM, ISO, GB and other specific standards:
1.Gel test of resin or resin mixture
2.Resin content
3.Tensile strength and Modulus
4.Flexural strength and Modulus
5.Compression strength
6.Shear strength
7.Bond strength
8.Dye penetration

9.Barcol Hardness and Density

Pulwell also has close relationship with the other certificated laboratories and usually conduct tests on the other properties what our customers required, such as UV, corrosion-resistance, fire-resistance, REACH, RoHs, fatigue, impact strength, insulation property, Tg, HDT, durability and etc, to guarantee that all of our products can meet our customers’ specific properties.

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