Company Profile

Pulwell is an experienced pultruder in China, which uses a unique manufacturing process to produce quality fiber reinforced plastic profiles with reasonable price. With over 25 years of experience in the pultrusion industry, our products offer practical solutions to customer problems. We also provide assistance with design, tooling and fabrication from concept to completion. Our expertise, innovation, quality and competitiveness have led to industry leadership in unidirectionally reinforced pultrusions, complex custom profile shapes and pullwound products. We constantly diversify and expand our capabilities to meet an extensive assortment of composite applications.

Our product line consists of various sizes and shapes of pultruded fiberglass/carbon (GFRP/CFRP) composite rods, bars, strips,complex profiles and roll-wrapped tubes such as Composite Rebars & Rock Bolts,FRP Strengthening Strips,Epoxy Stiffener Rods & Bars, Insulator Rods & Cross-arms, Tree Nursery Stakes,Vineyard Stakes, Fiberglass Fence Posts, Driveway Markers,Fiberglass Handles & Poles,Pre-preg Roll-wrapped Tubes,Curtain Rods & Bars, as well as pultruded structural profiles, and custom fabrication
Any combination of different reinforcements such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, fiberglass/carbon fiber hybrid and resin matrix such as polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy as well as various colors are available.
Our product line’s success is made by the high degree of consistency in product quality, which achieved by continuous, automated manufacturing and reduced material conversion costs associated with high productivity of Pulwell proprietary pultrusion and roll-wrapping process. Our technical, engineering and quality personnel assure material qualification and product quality to exacting design specifications. State-of-the-art commercial machinery and proprietary custom design equipment are employed to achieve efficient processing of consistent quality composite products. 

Pulwell Provides: 

★High Quality
★Competitive Price
★Quantity Discounts
★Huge Stocks Carried
★Shipping Daily
★Quick Service

Pulwell’s Philosophy:

*We believe in providing quality products at a fair price, delivered where and when our customers want them. 

*We believe it should be easy to place an order without restrictive policies, hidden conditions, or time-consuming hassles. 

*We believe that every customer is entitled to the same level of service we expect for ourselves.

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