About Pulwell

Pulwell is an experienced industry leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of various FRP ( Fiber Reinforced Polymer) pultrusions and advanced composites for a wide range of applications

Our product line consists of various sizes and shapes of pultruded fiberglass/carbon (GFRP/CFRP) composite rods, bars, strips,complex profiles and roll-wrapped tubes such as Composite Rebars & Rock Bolts, FRP Strengthening Strips, Epoxy Stiffener Rods & Bars, Insulator Rods & Cross-arms, Tree Nursery Stakes, Vineyard Stakes, Fiberglass Fence Posts, Driveway Markers, Fiberglass Handles & Poles, Pre-preg Roll-wrapped Tubes, Curtain Rods & Bars, as well as pultruded structural profiles and custom fabrication

At Pulwell, we pride ourselves on exceptional service. Behind our quality products, you will find a team of dedicated professionals.

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