Product Overview

Pulwell’s multiprocess technology, applied to customer needs, results in successful solutions in demanding requirements. 

Pulwell Product Range: Unidirectionally reinforced pultrusions, complex profile shapes and roll-wrapped products with combination of different reinforcements such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, baslat fiber, fiberglass/carbon/basalt fiber hybrid and different resin matrix such as polyester, Vinyl ester, phenolic resin and Epoxy,  and other resins 

Surface Finish--Normal, sand-coated, peel-ply rough, painted

A variety of finishing operations like Pointing /Tapering /Centerless Grinding/ Drilling /Chamferring /Painting /Co-injection/Assembling are available in our Finishing Department.

Pulwell’s excellent products and service enable us to provide actual solutions in the following industries: 

Construction/Infrastructure                                      Electrical

Composite Rebars                                                       ○ Cable trays

Composite rock blots                                         ○ Insulator rods

Strengthening strips for concrete and masonry           ○ Cross arms and gripper rods

Gutters /Roof trim                                             ○ Switch actuators

Dowel bars for concrete pavements                             ○ Spacer bars/ Slot wedges

Threaded rods and nuts                                               ○ Fuse tubes

Walkways                                                        Third rail covers

   Consumer /Recreation                                             Horticulture/Agriculture:

  Stiffener rods for snowmobile tracks                             ○ Tool handles

  Roman shade ribs/ weight bars                                    ○ Nursery stakes/ Flower sticks

 ○ Pddle/Kayak shafts                                               ○ Fence posts

 ○ Lamp posts                                                         ○ Garden edges

  Sail battens                                                         ○ Green house frames

 ○ Extension Poles                                                    ○ Vineyard stakes

○ Driveway markers/ Snow markers                              ○  Net /Tunnel supports 


Corrosion resistant:                                                 Telecommunication:

  Boardwalks                                                                ○ Antenna rod

○ Cooling tower frames and panel                              ○ Antenna Enclosure

○ Sheet piling                                                                 Equipment Housing Frame & Panel

 By using state of the art technology, we are able to offer our customers high volume, high quality, custom components for nearly any application. Rapid continuous improvement throughout our company allows us to grow with our customers to the highest level. Our associates, from packager to president, work tirelessly to provide our customers the product they need, when they need it.


   Advantages of Pulwell’s Pultruded Products

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