Roman Shade Ribs & Weight Bars

 Fiberglass Rods & Bars for Curtains

Pulwell makes series of fiberglass rods and bars for curtains, and the products include:

1. Roman Shade Ribs--Roman Shade/Blinds Ribs are used to provide additional support for pleats in flat-fold roman shades to keep their shades folding smoothly and evenly. 

The fiberglass ribs can be in round shape with diameter of 3mm, 1/8”,4mm, 3/16”,5mm, 6mm, 1/4”, 7mm and etc, or in flat bars with dimensions of 5X5mm, 9X3mm, 8X3mm and etc.

2. Curtain Bottom Weight Bars--bottom weight bar is used to the bottom of roman blinds to create a net straight edge and to add weight to encourage the blind to fall correctly. Comparing with traditional aluminium weight bars, fiberglass bars shall be cheaper, more flexible and more durable.

Pulwell provides fiberglass bars in different weights to meet the demand of curtains, and the popular sizes include 20x4.2mm, 24x3.5mm, 28x3.5mm and etc.

3. Heavy Duty Baton Draw Rods--Fiberglass draw drapery batons / curtain pulls are light but much stronger than steel or wood wands. Pulwell provides 9.5mm and 10mm dia. Fiberglass curtain wands with stainless steel clips or plastic clips in different lengths.

Advantages of fiberglass rods & bars for curtains:

1.Light weight but high strength
2.No rust and maintaince free
3.Corrosion free and impact resistant
4.Dimensional stability
5.Electrically non-conductive
6.Non-magnetic and non-sparking
7.Low thermal conductivity

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