FRP Insulator Rods

 Fiberglass Epoxy Rod for Polymer Insulators
Pulwell pultruded fiberglass reinforced epoxy rods ranging in size from 4mm to 80mm in diameter have been used successfully for over 15 years in pole line hardware products for the distribution of electricity. The composite rods form the non-conductive, strength member in pole line hardware assemblies providing high tensile, compressive, flexural and inter-laminar shear strength to support the various design configurations and line loads. In cantilever bending, the dampening characteristics of the core rod enable shock absorption of severe line loads caused by hurricanes, earthquakes and ice storms, minimizing potential damage to the insulator and its supporting structure. Incorporation of an integral fabric surfacing veil during pultrusion creates a resin rich barrier over the glass fibers to provide long term, weather resistance and retention of properties for decades. This resin coating is thicker and provides greater protection from surface erosion and abrasion than originally used paint coatings.

The pultruded rods are utilized in numerous applications that include strain insulators, down lead brackets, cross-arm assemblies, single, double and triple standoff brackets, single and three phase cutout arrestor brackets, extension links, knee braces and dead end cross arms, Composite Suspension Insulator,Composite Line Post Insulator, Polymer Cutout, Composite Post Insulator,Polymer Pin Insulator, Composite Suspension Insulator, Composite Cross-arm Insulator, Fiberglass Stain Insulator.

Continuous use for over 15 years by utilities, railroads and telecommunication companies provides a long term, proven case history for pultruded composites in the electrical industry.

Materials: E-glass fiber or ECR fiberglass in proprietary epoxy resin system
Properties: Lightweight, non-conductive, weather resistance combined with excellent tensile and flexural properties
Size: 4mm to 80mm

Custom sizes also will be available.

 Properties of Pulwell Insulator Rods

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