Carbon Fiber (CFRP) Plates

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer(CFRP)Plate

Pulwell CFRP Plate is made of high strength carbon fiber and epoxy resin, which can provide superior tensile strength, shear strength and modulus。Compared to conventional continuous fiber sheet adhesion construction, straining the CFRP plate enables pre-stressing of the concrete, and thus a higher reinforcing effect is obtained with a smaller amount of reinforcing materials.
Since a thin CFRP plate is used as a tendon, there is almost no change in the appearance or section after reinforcement.

Pulwell CFRP Plates are  used  to structurally  strengthen  existing  concrete,  wood,  or masonry  members  in  flexural  and  shear.  The  CFRP laminate and tape is a pre -cured plate with a surface texture on one face, which helps improve bond with the structural adhesives. 

Structures that are deficient due to either a structural flaw, deterioration  or  because  of a change in use can often be brought to a useful capacity using CFRP plate.

Externally bonded FRP strengthening is analogous to steel plate bonding. Successful  implementation of CFRP plate bonding is dependent on proper surface preparation, leveling and bond of the structural adhesive to he concrete and CFRP plate  interfaces.   

Externally bonded CFRP Laminates work best in
overhead applications for flexural  strengthening where
sufficient bond and development lengths can be achieved.

Benefits of  Pulwell CFRP plates

•Furnished with guaranteed properties based on measured results. CFRP plate is manufactured in a controlled environment and not subject to vagaries of field wet lay-up systems.
•  Furnished with one face prepared for bonding to adhesive.
•  Much lighter weight than steel plate bonding
•  Will not rust or corrode
•  Can be used with multiple commercially available high strength adhesives.
•  Extend for 200 meters Max. without joints

Pulwell CFRP Plates Can be Used in the Below Applications 

Externally Bonded Structural Strengthening 
•   Flexural Strengthening of:  
-   Bridge Decks
-   Parking Garages
-   Floor slabs  
•   Change of Use Situations–Higher Loads
•   Return Deteriorated Members to Capacity 
•   Additional Structural Capacity Without Additional Dead Weight

Masonry Strengthening
•   In Plane and Out of Plane Strengthening of Masonry Shear Walls
•   “Event” Loading of Masonry  –   Blast, & Seismic
•   Restore Capacities of Cracked Masonry 

High Modulus or Hybrid fiber products or custom sizes are available.  

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