Fiberglass (GFRP) Wall Ties

Typical precast concrete sandwich panel (PCSP) systems are composed of two concrete wythes with insulation placed in the center. The concrete wythes are generally connected through the insulation using metal, concrete, thermoplastic or glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) connectors. In composite construction, the two concrete wythes share the load resistance through the connector that is capable of resisting the interface shear force resulting from composite action.

Pulwell makes an unique composite ( GFRP) wall ties for use as a wall connector tie with various concrete forming systems. It is an energy-efficient alternative to typical metal form ties used in popular concrete forming systems。


The advantages over metal ties include:

 1. A natural insulator;
 2. Magnetically transparent;RF transparent
 3. No rust or corrosion, and chemically resistant
 4. No patching or plugging required;
 5. High strength; lightweight
 6. High bond strength with concrete
 7. Low expansion and contraction

Our products are compatible with the Thermomass® and similar sandwich-style concrete wall insulation systems.

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