Composite Rock Bolts & Soil Nails

Pulwell’s composite rock bolts & soil Nails are made of high strength sand-coated rebar or rough surface dowel with plastic or steel anchors and bearing plates to reach an effective and ideal system for the applications that require high tensile strength and unique features of FRP materials.

Features & Advantages
1.Light weight / High strength
2.Fire retardant & anti-static
3.Easy cutting
4.High corrosion resistance
5.High anchoring strength
6. High torque strength
Strata support in mining and tunneling : Using Pulwell fiberglass bolts in situations where subsequent excavation will take place has long been a standard practice. The low shear strength of and high tensile capacity (as compared to steel) of Pulwell fiberglass bolts make it the ideal material for this application. The use of our bolts decrease machine down time because it is easily cutable and wont damage valuable mining equipment.

Slope and face stabilization: Using Epoxy resin and fiberglass or basalt fiber, Pulwell’s composite soil nails can be used in slope and face stabilization as permanent application instead of steel.

Temporary ground support where future excavation: In foundation and pit excavation, when ground support tendons need to be removed due to future easement access, GFRP is the ideal solution becuase it can remain in place and easily be cut out by standard construction equipment. This saves the contractor many hours in expensive labor and equipment costs. Also, handling costs are greatly reduced since the need for heavy cranes to lift big steel bars are not required.

Pulwell has also developed a steel end connection for several different sizes. The great and unique part of this system is that it utilizes a combination of plastic and steel to maximize the strengths of the fiberglass and steel. This end connection can be fitted with standard UNC steel hardware for easy job-site installation and proof loading while maintaining all the benefits.

Rock Bolts with hybrid fibers of basalt fiber & Glassfiber are also available

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